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We at Tech Pro Express use cloud based disaster recovery services and find them to be a great and necessary option.  The one issue we found with cloud based data backups is when you actually have an emergency and need to recover an entire computer or multiple computers and can't wait a week or 2 weeks in some cases for all your data to be mailed to you or downloaded (data backup services can throttle your download speeds).  If you want your data in 2 days it can cost you into the hundreds.

We at Tech Pro Express can do a one time setup with any cloud based data recovery service you want to use.  We also provide a service were we keep a copy of your cloud based backups on hand and if you do need to recover your data we can not only give you a copy within 24 hours, we can also make sure everything is working after recovering your backups.  We can do daily, weekly, or monthly backups and we can work out a plan that fits your costs.

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