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Why Choose 
Tech Pro Express?


You receive a one hour free on-site consultation with recommendations.  All recommendations come with no obligations.


Tech Pro Express provides a more comprehensive approach to your IT needs.  Our comprehensive approach includes phone and remote support, computer maintenance, repair, plus IT Consultation for ways to update your business to the modern world with a focus on your needs.


We can create a custom monthly plan that covers only what you want and cut out everything else.

          - Create a maintenance plan for your needs. Including but not limited to backups,              virus scanning, registry cleanup, etc.  With a monthly update of actions                            performed.

          - Have access to Local IT support over-the-phone, remote access support, and                  on-site support as needed.


We have experience in workflow consultations.  We are unique in the sense of understanding both operations and IT support giving you a more comprehensive view of what you need and what you don't.


Tech Pro Express believes most small businesses want IT services to maintain their systems, provide ongoing support, provide phone/text/email availability for any technical questions, and provide a resource to staff. Our plan can be any combination of what you choose.

Some Examples:

          - You want someone to check emails you received to see if it's a scam or virus                  - you want to drop off your computers when they have problems and get them                    fixed with a reduced charge or no charge at all

          - One Time Setup or Setup with on-going support

          - Phone and remote access support? We can provide a reduced monthly cost for              a set amount of hours, plus discounts for all other services

          - You just need emergency services for when your network goes down, computers              crash and you just want someone to get it working again without worrying about              the unknown cost after it's done

          - Those are just a few examples to help in understanding how much flexibility                    you have in designing a customized plan

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