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Alexa Installations

We offer services for the setup of all Alexa devices and Alexa compatible devices.  The device needs to still be supported by it's manufacturer.  Basic setup of one device will be $60, then $40 for same visit installation of another Alexa device. Firetvblaster needs a smart speaker (Alexa Echo Dot/Alexa Echo/Alexa Echo Plus) and a firetv stick or firetv to work. Total installation for all 3 devices will be $80 with 1 month onsite tech support.

Basic setup includes:

Naming of device

Registration of device with Customer amazon account (if not already registered)

         - If device is already registered when shipped with clients amazon                     account a $15 discount will be applied.

         - Please have amazon account login info ready when tech arrives, a $30             charge will be added if tech needs to wait for client to obtain                           information.

Device will be added to one Group (i.e bedroom/office/living room/etc)

If a device is dependent on a smart device (fireblaster needs both a FireTV stick and a smart speaker like a Echo Dot).

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