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Tech Pro Express
IT Consulting/Computer Repair/

We support small business and home/office locations.  We provide monthly support and per project services. Services and support customized to your business needsTech Pro Express supports PC systems, commercial, smart home/business offices, network setup (Wi-Fi, LAN, etc). Do you need help using an online service or subscription like Office 365, Square? Or do you need help setting up an inventory system you purchased or inherited? Are you confused why something is not working the way you want it to? "Click Here to Find out More"


Tech Pro Express provides assistance via call/text/or email to help you understand technology and answer your questions.  We also provide unbiased recommendations for software and services.

Our Services

Our Services

We can create custom plans for each business or home.  We can also work on a per project bases. This is only a small sample of what we provide.

IT Consultations

Free 1-Hour on-site evaluation within 10 Miles of Tech Pro Express business location per Google Maps.  Beyond 10 Miles please contact us.

Software  Installation

Want to install software, but can't get it to work? Access cloud services and set them up the way you want? We can help.

Securing your internet

We will make sure your Wifi/Router is setup the correct way. SSID/Password/General Settings

Firewall optimalization for your specific needs

Wireless Security System

We can setup your wireless security system the right way. Hardwire installations not provided.

Disaster Recovery

Custom Backups of your important documents with 24/7 surveillance of NAS server with firewall protection on-site. We also help setup 3rd party backup solution like Carbonite for redundant protections and offer maintenance services.

POS Systems

Looking for POS options beyond your banks offerings? We can give you our favorite options with pro's and con's.  We can also help you setup or troubleshoot your POS system.

Maintanance and Protection

- Defragmentation for          HDD and optimization      for SSD

- Keep your Operating        System, Software,            Hardware updated.

- Checking error logs

- Virus Scanning (Boot        scan/system scan/file        scan)

- Optimizing system            settings

- And much more

Alexa Installation

You have an Alexa device? Not only can we install it, set it up, and provide ongoing support. We can also create custom routines and other more advance functions.

Virus/Maleware Services

- You can purchase 24/7 monitoring of your systems using Malewarebytes or Bitdefender on a monthly or yearly basis.

- Price is below MSRP

- You can pay for basic services (you monitor your own system) or active monitoring (actual live person on the other side monitoring your system and giving you monthly updates)

About Us

Veteran owned business. CompTIA certified.

Training from the US Navy (IT)college, and civilian sectors.

Over 19 years experience in multiple technical fields.  

Work experience including but not limited to Medical Record Systems (Epic EHR Database System), Network Administration for both Small and medium sized businesses, logistics, workflow consulting, and general IT tech support.

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