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Securing Your

Business Routers do a better job out of the box then home routers, but both come setup with default settings that are available on the internet.  Hackers will use those defaults to find a router that has not been secured and gain access.  The more secure something is the less flexibility it is, so we can find a balance that will not or minimally effects your work flow. Default IP and Admin info are the top easy fixes to help you be less vulnerable.

This service provides the basics. What your service provider recommends you do when you get your router.  With us you can rest assured it's done right.

For an additional charge:

We also provide more complicated router setups, if you want to section off a computer to be connected to the network, but not communicate with other computers and devices.  We can open ports that software your using requires.  We can also, provide re-time monitoring if router has remote access functionality.  Their is a lot you can do in-regards to how your network communicates with it's self.

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